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Shanghai Jiecon Chemicals Hi-Tech Co. Ltd., a Chinese company, develops and markets JYK series of antimicrobial finishing agentsand additives and other functional finishing agents for textiles and polymers of various industries.

Shanghai Jiecon Chemicals Hi-Tech Co. Ltd. is one Hi-tech company jointly set up by professionals from Dong Hua University, Shanghai University, Suzhou University and Qingdao University. The company is made up by group of technical personnel with Ph.D. and Master Degree having many years of research and industrialization production experience. The company has strong self- development and research capability in anti-microbial, anti-fungi, anti-dustmite and related functional treatments of textile products, and is supported technically by technical centers of above universities.

Shanghai Jiecon Chemicals Hi-Tech Co. Ltd. pays more attentions to the continuous development and research in functional treatment of textiles, with the emphases on anti-microbial and anti-dustmite, anti-mosquitoes, anti-ultraviolet and other functional treatment of textiles. The company has been successfully developed a series of hi-tech fine chemicals in the recent years, all of their functions being proved that those products has come up to international advanced level with the satisfactory inspection certificate.

The main products are as follows:

Anti-microbial finishing agent series, anti-fungal finishing agent series, anti-dustmitefinishing agent series, anti-mosquito & anti-moth finishing agent series, anti-ultraviolet finishing agent series, deodorizing finishing agent series, temperature control finishing agent series, far-infrared and anti-infrared finishing agent series, negative ionic finishing agent series, anti-pilling finishing agent series, perfume microcapsule finishing agent series, anti-static finishing agent series, flame retardant finishing agent series. etc.

In the meanwhile, the company also has developed the anti-dustmite and anti-microbial additives for the man-made and synthetic fiber produced by means of wet spinning method such as acrylic fiber and viscose fiber, and the company has successfully developed the anti-dustmite and anti-microbial acrylic fiber and viscose fiber with various specifications that can meet the textile market such as home-textile market.

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